Validate Simply with the Cockpit Validation Kit

Reduce cost, time, and effort on validation with our robust package of requirements, test protocols/results, reports, execution records, and compliance knowledge built in. It’s your one-stop validation solution.

Download the Validation Overview

Software solutions for product development should be validated during:

  • initial implementation
  • software upgrades
  • customer modifications

Cognition’s Cockpit Validation Kit (CVK) allows your team to spend more time on core competencies than on validating third-party software solutions.

Utilized by most Cognition customers, the CVK makes validation efforts faster and compliance requirements easier the first time around. Your organization can continue benefitting from the validation results and documentation from the beginning and throughout every release, allowing you to validate changes to Cockpit with minimal disruption.

The CVK meets the following standards, regulations, and guidance:

Complete out-of-box validation reportCockpit users save time by not needing to validate the platform in its out-of-box state.
Modular capabilityThe CVK simplifies the addition of configurations to the existing validation plan with support from Cognition.
Comprehensive validation documentation including: test plans, protocols, requirements, and execution records all with traceability and reports to submit as evidence of software validationCost reduction--the CVK reduces time and expense traditionally devoted to developing, writing, and executing validation testing. Organizations can move faster towards regulatory compliance.
Updated validation documentation within the CVK with each Cockpit releaseEach Cockpit release provides CVK users with a full, updated documentation set, reducing time needed to complete validation efforts.
21 CFR Part 11The out-of-box CVK supports validation of electronic signatures and records.
Validation ServicesCognition’s Validation Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) create, run, and maintain your validation environment.
Ongoing validation supportCognition’s Validation SMEs are available to assist, support and advise our customers, not only with the initial installation but also throughout the design stages. As part of our services, we work with outside agencies if necessary.

Cockpit’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment empowers validation for Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) based on AAMI standards:

  • IQ — Ensure Cockpit is installed and operating as intended (Cognition validates Cockpit against pre-defined sets of intended use protocols)
  • OQ — Verify that Cockpit functions properly under normal/abnormal conditions and at limits of intended operation
  • PQ — Determine repeatability of software functions in the environment by intended users (where applicable)

Cognition will provide support for IQ, OQ, and (where applicable) PQ testing.