We are all busy and looking for ways to increase productivity and improve efficiency. This is especially the case when working in a new platform. Whether you are a brand new user who just came on board or a long time user looking to widen the breadth of your skills, we have the course for you. Our courses have been thoughtfully designed to be run by you, the student. While we, as the trainers, act as your guide, you do the work. Stick time is the most effective way to learn a new platform. This ensures that you spend the hands-on time necessary to retain the knowledge gained during the course.

Course Offerings

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Cognition really distinguishes themselves from the rest of the field in so many ways, but accessibility and the genuine investment in helping your customers is perhaps the most valuable in my opinion.Jeremy Gombrowski, Manager Of Software Quality Engineering

Meet the Instructors

  • Jordan Brady
    Manager, Application Engineering

    Jordan has been at Cognition for over four years. His background is in mechanical and systems engineering. He is an avid traveler and an aggressive skier, and often enjoys combining the two! Before joining Cognition, he worked for five years in the defense industry designing next-generation nuclear submarines. Accolades: Cognition’s best chef and best beard grower.

  • Fabio Malangone
    Manager, Template Development

    Fabio enjoys bringing people together and is especially proud of starting a soccer league and growing it to over 250 players within several years. He has five years’ experience working in the defense industry ranging from business development, systems engineering, research and development, and electrical engineering, on the Navy’s next-generation nuclear submarines. Accolades: Most social application engineer.

  • Mike Lowe
    Application Engineer

    Mike has been working with Cognition for over four years. Prior to joining Cognition he was also a customer so he knows both sides of the coin. Mike has ten years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry, designing F-35 pilot displays to satellite boxes. Accolades: Cognition’s resident sharp shooter and board game player extraordinaire.

  • Ed Hall
    Software Developer

    Ed has been working with Cognition for almost a year and half. Prior to joining Cognition, he attended Bridgewater State University where he studied Computer Science. He enjoys working with customers and writing configurations to help them get the most of out of Cockpit. Accolades: Hiking, fishing, kayaking and many more, he is Cognition’s biggest outdoor enthusiast.

  • Justine Madrigal
    Application Engineer

    Justine is one of the newest members to join Cognition’s application engineering team. Her background is in Biomedical Engineering. Prior to joining Cognition, she was working with Boston University and Boston Medical Center in developing student projects into medical devices. She enjoys doing puzzles, reading, and exploring the city for good food spots and new adventures.

  • Bradley Sylvestre
    Application Engineer

    The youngest member at Cognition, Brad, is one of the latest additions to the application engineering team. With his nephew, Simon, being exposed to modern medical marvels, Brad was inspired at a young age to ensure that the biotech industry thrives. Having graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering for that cause, he is always passionate about industry breakthroughs. Accolades: Most likely to crack a joke when under pressure.

Detailed Course Overview

CPT101: Introduction to Cognition Cockpit

This course is designed to introduce new users to Cockpit and teach them how to use it out-of-the-box. We will cover the user interface and walk the students through a template set from a “how to use” standpoint. There is significant hands-on work involving students entering data, creating traceability, populating the rich text fields, creating action items, and taking a document through the included workflow.

This course does not introduce any configuration or tweaking of the templates.

In this session we will cover:

  • Before logging in
  • Getting started in Cockpit
  • Overview of template structure and navigation
  • Walk through the templates

COST: $750


DAY 1 | 9:00AM

  • Design Controls process flow schematic
  • Cockpit user interface
  • How to navigate the template structure
  • Walk through the requirements and V&V templates
  • Walk through the risk management templates
  • Walk through the out of the box workflows
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CPT301: Cognition Cockpit Lead User 1

This course is designed to provide Cockpit Lead Users with a behind the scenes look into configuration. We will pull the curtains back and start to learn the early steps of altering Cockpit. This includes creating and modifying document and section formats, tables, attributes, trace matrices, views, reports, and more. The students will learn how libraries work and how to set up reusable repositories to pull from a common set of requirements, tests, or risks. There is significant hands-on work involving students entering data, creating traceability, creating new and modifying existing configurations (attributes, tables, traces, etc.), and creating document templates.

This course does not cover scripting, but rather focuses on configuring and tweaking of Cockpit to meet the customer’s needs.

In this session we will cover:

  • Review the template structure and navigation
  • Overview of Cockpit’s organizational structure
  • Tailoring the templates using configuration
  • Setting up reusable repositories

COST: $1,700


DAY 1 | 9:00AM

  • Review of CPT101 topics
  • Cockpit Project, Organization, and Site levels
  • Document/Section formats
  • Simple configurations
  • Alternate views
  • Adhoc trace tables

DAY 2 | 9:00AM

  • Reports
  • Document templates
  • Project templates
  • Tailoring the risk analysis
  • Reusable libraries
  • History and audit log

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I would like to congratulate your team. The training was 5 stars. The quality of the presentation and the depth were perfect. This training was excellently executed in content and style, we have learned so much!Gelys Trancho, Senior Systems Engineer
The trainers did a great job pushing the students to think through how we will need to address items in our quality system. They kept us engaged by having us “drive” instead of just showing how it’s done.
Chris Hanover, Manager of Systems Engineering

CPT302: Cognition Cockpit Lead User 2

This course is designed to provide Cockpit Advanced Lead Users with an extended look into configuration and scripting. It is the natural extension of CPT301, and covers topics ranging from creating new menus and pages to writing user defined requests, snippets, and forms. This course will also cover list definitions and the full syntax of custom requests.

This is not a coding class, but does dive into scripting.

In this session we will cover:

  • Getting data items
  • Menus and pages
  • Snippets and forms
  • User defined requests and list definitions
  • Reports and charts

COST: $1,700


DAY 1 | 9:00AM

  • Object organization
  • Standard and custom requests
  • Snippets
  • GetFlexTable
  • Menus
  • Sectioned/unsectioned pages
  • Snippets as forms

DAY 2 | 9:00AM

  • Forms
  • The full syntax of custom requests
  • User defined requests
  • Choice list definitions
  • Get object list definitions
  • Reports and charts
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CPT401: Cognition Cockpit Workflow 1

This course is designed to provide Cockpit Lead Users with an introduction to the out-of-the-box workflow. We will review the included project, document, and requirement workflows from a conceptual level. This will naturally flow into a walkthrough of a typical project workflow, document review process, and requirement workflow in Cockpit. There is significant hands-on work involving students taking on various roles (owner, approver, collaborator, reviewer, etc.) as they walk the project, documents, and requirements through the out of box workflows. Additionally, the students will learn the basic fundamentals of how to modify the out-of-the-box workflow. This includes configuring new or modifying existing workflow states, commands, prompts, and actions.

This course does not cover scripting as it relates to workflow, but rather focuses on configuring and tweaking of the out of box workflow to meet the customer’s needs.

In this session we will cover:

  • Introduction to the out of the box workflows
  • Walk through project/document/requirement workflows
  • Role playing within workflow
  • Fundamentals of workflow modification

COST: $850


DAY 1 | 9:00AM

  • Review included workflows conceptually
  • Project workflow
  • Document review
  • Requirement workflow
  • Role play: Owner, Approver, Collaborator, Reviewer…
  • Workflow states
  • Workflow commands
  • Workflow prompts
  • Workflow actions

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COGNITION HEADQUARTERS: 24 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts 02421

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Connector.

    Q: Can I attend CPT101 in this session and CPT301 at a future session?

    A: Yes. You may register for courses in different sessions, as long as you have completed the prerequisites sequentially.

  • Connector.

    Q: Are there prerequisites for any of the courses?

    A: Yes. There are prerequisites for CPT301, CPT302, and CPT401. Please see above for details.

  • Connector.

    Q: Will the course follow a book/document?

    A: Yes. Each course follows a set of provided material. A manual is provided for all courses.

  • Connector.

    Q: How is the course structured? Is it all hands-on?

    A: The course is a combination of lecture and hands-on. We believe the best way to learn is by doing. Show, tell, do.

  • Connector.

    Q: Where is the on-site training located?

    A: Cognition Headquarters, 24 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington MA 02421

  • Connector.

    Q: Is there a remote webcast option?

    A: Yes. We will be offering all courses online via a remote webcast. Please specify your preference (at Cognition HQ or remote) when you register.

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    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Please see above for detailed pricing on each course.

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    Q: Where should I stay?

    A: There are plenty of options in the area; please see the local guide provided here for recommendation.

  • Connector.

    Q: Will there be coffee, snacks, and lunch provided?

    A: Of course! What kind of operation do you think we’re running here?

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