Lighthouse Drug Stability Reporting Application

Drug stability Reporting that works for you

The Lighthouse Drug Stability (DS) Reporting Application supports the creation and maintenance of dynamic stability reports that grow over time as initial and future testing data are added. Stability reports are used to support initial filings as well as annual product updates and reviews. Lighthouse DS uses Cognition’s unique approach to creating structured data and content, reusable report templates, and comprehensive workflow controls to increase confidence in report accuracy and increase credibility with health authorities. Reports from Lighthouse DS are used to populate various internal reports and Module 3 Dossier sections such as 3.2.S.7.3 and 3.2.P.8.3.

I like to tell the story that it took us maybe 5 or 6, 2-hour meetings to assess [drug name] with our previous process. With Lighthouse we are able to complete our work with two meetings in one week.
SENIOR SCIENTIST, Pharmaceutical company

Structured data for better drug stability reporting

Our application is built with the concept of structured data items as the initial infrastructure from which to generate complex relationships, data tables, and reports. This enables pharmaceutical companies to reduce the time and resources required to complete critical reporting activities for both internal consumption and health authority submissions. Automated creation of data-heavy tables eliminates errors resulting from manual table generation.

Guided Risk Management Supported by Regulatory Standards

Lighthouse Drug Stability Reporting Application Schematic

Key Features

Why Choose Lighthouse for Drug Stability Reporting?

The Lighthouse Drug Stabililty Reporting Application provides significant reduction in the burden of creating structured reports, allowing scientists to spend more time doing science and less time creating, verifying, and correcting errors in report documentation.


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