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Create Complete, Accurate Regulatory Submissions That Get Approved the First Time

In the pharmaceutical industry, companies are challenged with the organization and aggregation of large quantities of data. A major bottleneck, and source of errors and delays, is the creation and verification of the data-driven sections of the Dossier. We've developed a solution for this.

Lighthouse is a SaaS platform, powered by Cockpit and built specifically for the pharmaceutical industry to automate the creation of R&D and manufacturing report deliverables in CMC, CPDP, and LCM processes. It guides users toward compliance by leveraging structured data from upstream activities, and automating the processes, procedures, and work instructions to generate stage-gate report deliverables for the Dossier. With Lighthouse, pharmaceutical companies can improve quality while reducing errors, time, and cost for regulatory submissions.

Automate the Data-Driven Sections of the Dossier

WHy do Leading PharmaCEUTICAL Companies Choose Lighthouse?

  • Contains built-in quality processes that improve accuracy
  • Enables automation and faster data processing to deliver dramatic cost and time savings
  • Provides complete traceability with an auditable chain of evidence
  • Facilitates faster creation of submissions, done right the first time, which speeds time to market
  • Frees up scientists’ time to work on development, not administration

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