There is a better way to manage Your Data

Leave unstructured Document-Based Systems like Excel and Word in the past

Medical device product development is becoming increasingly complex, bringing together hardware and software for multifaceted product solutions. Just as products have evolved, it is time to change the way you manage your product development data. Word and Excel can no longer keep up. If you are frustrated with wasted hours manually updating data and cross-checking changes, missing connections between data and documents, and falling short of submission-ready documentation, there is a better way. Meet Compass, the smarter solution for managing your product development data using a structured data approach.

Traditional document-based systems like Word and Excel fail to deliver the features and reliability of Compass.

The advantages of Compass over the alternative solutions are clear. Compass is designed specifically for the medical device industry and comes with off-the-shelf templates to support risk management and design controls.  However, we understand that switching to a new tool can sometimes be intimidating. That's why we partner with you every step of the way. With Compass, you get a dedicated partner as an extension of your team who is knowledgeable in the medical device industry. We are confident that when you choose Compass, you are choosing the ONLY solution that can help you get to market faster with less risk.

When you use Word, Excel, and many other tools you need to try to find every impacted document when you make a change to an item, and hopefully you don’t miss one. When you use Compass, you have the opposite; the change will automatically be reflected in every applicable document.

Senior Quality Engineer, Medical Device Company


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