Risk Module for Cockpit® Enterprise

Flexibility and Support for ISO 14971 Implementation in Medical Device Product Development

The Risk Module for our Cockpit Enterprise solution supports ISO 14971 implementation with the flexibility to align with existing processes at individual medical device companies, making it easier to address risk and deliver products to market.

The Risk Module extends the base-risk functionality included in Cockpit Enterprise, specifically to provide enhanced support for the array of ISO 14971:2019 risk management processes. It is designed to “plug in” to existing Cockpit Enterprise implementations, delivering new risk functionality without affecting existing requirement/test data. This gives users the control to specify data sources and object filters where required in order to connect the risk data to existing project data.

The Risk Module is an optional subscription add-on delivering new, supported functionality and UI elements for implementing risk/reliability analysis tools using the Safety Risk and FMEA Row classes, allowing users to start utilizing the risk functionality with minimal configuration needs.



"Through our work with customers, we have been involved with the implementation of a number of risk management processes. During this work, we identified common elements among these processes as well as variances in how these elements are identified, assessed, controlled, and reported on. This is why we have developed a new Risk Module, as a subscription add-on, for Cockpit Enterprise. With the Risk Module, our customers are able to implement their individual risk processes and start utilizing risk functionality in Cockpit Enterprise faster."


"Our New Risk Module for Cockpit Enterprise enables us to effectively manage risk.  The “plug-in” nature of the new risk module means we will have simpler implementations with faster benefits. Ultimately, we are saving time and seeing better risk management."


    Key Features

    The Risk Module for Cockpit Enterprise has the features and capabilities you need to address risk management and bring your products to market faster. 

    Why Choose the Risk Module for Cockpit Enterprise?

    • Configurability
    • Process Independence
    • Maintainability
    • Faster Deployment

    • Flexible Risk Environment Set Up
    • Reusability
    • Integrated Analysis and Reporting
    • Workflow Availability

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