Cockpit® Enterprise

Maintain a single source of truth with structured data for your
medical device product Development

Cockpit Enterprise is our software application for medium to large medical device product development teams that integrates requirements management, test management, risk management data, and more, in a unified environment. Cockpit Enterprise is highly configurable and can be personalized to meet a company’s needs. It has a rich development framework that allows organizations to implement their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WIs) in a controlled and auditable environment. Ultimately, Cockpit Enterprise helps medical device manufacturers of Class II and Class III devices author, review, and approve the documents required for regulatory submissions and audits.

Cockpit Enterprise is best suited for mature organizations that have established standard operating procedures and can dedicate the necessary resources to configuring and deploying the system.

Core Capabilities


Key Features

Cockpit Enterprise has many individual features that support product development teams in their endeavor to develop safe and effective products. This list below represents the most valued features as reported by Cognition’s customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Cockpit Enterprise

Why Do Leading Companies Choose Cockpit Enterprise?

  • Enterprise Level Configurability - results in a robust system that allows for maximum efficiency and accuracy when developing new products.
  • Data Integrity - provides a “single-source of truth” for every data item - if a requirement is changed in the product requirements document for example, it is automatically updated throughout.
  • Industry Leading Risk Management - break free from the confines of isolated, 2-dimensional spreadsheets for a risk-first approach that places high emphasis on the value of tightly integrating risk management in the design control process with requirements and tests.
  • Cross-Functional Integration - collaborate effectively and develop in unison, with a full view of the entire development environment.
  • Dynamic Document Authoring that is Submission Ready - combines database style functionality with document authoring, reviewing, and approving.
  • Open Platform for Integration - easy to use REST API and off the shelf integrations with outside tools such as Jira, Sparx Enterprise Architect, and Microsoft DevOps.

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