Undertaking a new software solution can be daunting, but we are here to help. Whether you are a brand-new user or a seasoned user looking to expand the breadth of your skills, we have a course for you. Our courses are thoughtfully designed and customized to your team’s unique needs. We offer courses online and in person at our corporate office for individuals and teams. Our courses are taught in both a hands-on and lecture-style format and recorded so you can refer to them after the course takes place.

We offer courses based on our core technology, Cockpit Enterprise, as well as courses specific to our Compass Solution. Our courses are appropriate for new and existing customers who are looking to expand their skill set and better understand the underlying technology of our solutions.

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Standard Courses
CMP101: Introduction to Compass

This course is designed to introduce new users to Compass and to highlight the out-of-the-box functionality. We cover the user interface and walk through the template set from a “how to use” standpoint. There is significant hands-on work involving users entering data, creating traceability, populating the rich text fields, creating action items, and taking a document through the included workflow. This includes an overview of the key functionality in Compass including design inputs, design outputs, risk management, test management, and trace matrices. This one-day course also covers basic out-of-the box Excel import.


CMP102: Compass Administration: Projects and Libraries

This half-day course is designed as an introduction to the management of risk and standards libraries, as well as the process of how to set up and start a new project from a template.

This will include the release of the Design and Development Plan, Risk Management Plan, the management of common Hazards and Harms libraries, and the creation, release, and version management of standards. This course will focus on hands-on administrative work in the training environment.

Prerequisites: This course can be taken separately from CMP 101, but familiarity with the Compass environment is necessary.

CMP111: Managing Compass from an IT Perspective

This one-day course is designed to cover basic to advanced concepts of managing Compass from an IT perspective. Topics covered include installation, domain verification and backups, configuring web server settings, troubleshooting database issues, and more. Users will learn how to obtain information about a domain using the command line and perform tasks such as migrating a domain to a new host. There is significant hands-on work involving running commands, moving and copying files, setting scheduled tasks, and configuring settings for Compass. 


CMP112: Managing Compass as an Administrator

This course is designed to be a guide to managing Compass as an administrator of the platform. Topics covered include configuring new user settings, creating and managing users and groups, troubleshooting user issues, managing privileges, and more. Administrators will learn how to manage users and set password expiration and strength requirements. This one-day course will also touch on topics such as workflow and project organization, although these will not be the focus of the course.

 None, although taking CMP 111 first is recommended

CMP301: Compass Lead User 1/ CPT301: Cockpit Enterprise Lead User 1

This course is designed to provide Compass or Cockpit Enterprise Lead Users with a behind-the-scenes look into configuration. We pull the curtains back and start to learn the steps of tailoring Compass or Cockpit Enterprise. This includes creating and modifying document and section formats, tables, attributes, trace matrices, views, and more. There is significant hands-on work, teaching users the basic inner workings of Compass or Cockpit Enterprise to create new and modify existing configurations (attributes, tables, traces, etc.), and work on document and object formats.

This course does not cover scripting, but rather focuses on configuring and tweaking Compass or Cockpit Enterprise to meet the customer’s needs.

During this one-day course, we cover:

  • The basic template structure and navigation
  • Compass’s or Cockpit Enterprise’s organizational structure
  • Introduction into basic configurations, such as:
    • Tables
    • Attributes
    • Filters
    • Basic object requests


CPT 302: Cockpit Enterprise Lead User 2

This course is designed to provide Cockpit Enterprise Advanced Lead Users with an extended look into configuration and scripting. It covers topics ranging from creating new menus and pages to writing user-defined requests, snippets, and forms. This course will also cover list definitions and the full syntax of custom requests.

This is not a coding class but does dive into scripting.

During this two-day course, we will cover:

  • Getting data items
  • Menus and pages
  • Snippets and forms
  • User-defined requests and list definitions
  • Reports and charts


Advanced Courses
CPT401: Cockpit Enterprise Workflow 1

This course is designed to provide Cockpit Enterprise Lead Users with an introduction to workflow. We will review the included project, document, and requirement workflows from a conceptual level. This will naturally flow into a walkthrough of a typical project workflow, document review process, and requirement workflow in Cockpit Enterprise. There is significant hands-on work involving users taking on various roles (owner, approver, collaborator, reviewer, etc.) as they walk the project, documents, and requirements through the out-of-the-box workflows. Additionally, students will learn how to modify the out-of-the-box workflow. This includes configuring new or modifying existing workflow states, commands, prompts, and actions.

This course does not cover scripting as it relates to workflow but rather focuses on configuring and tweaking the out-of-the-box workflow to meet the customer’s needs.

During this one-day course, we will cover:

  • An introduction to the out-of-the-box workflows
  • An overview of the project/document/requirement workflows
  • Role-playing within the workflow
  • The fundamentals of workflow modification


CPT 501: Advanced Configuration Training – Applications in Cockpit Enterprise

This course is designed to provide Cockpit Enterprise Advanced Lead Users with a practical application of what they learned in CPT302 (Lead User 2) and CPT401 (Workflow) training courses to build a project from start to finish. In the course, users develop a basic Agile planning project which enables teams to create stories, assign them, and plan them into sprints for execution. The Cockpit Enterprise IDE is introduced and used for implementation. By the end of the course, users have the building blocks for planning and implementing projects.

During this course, we will cover:

  • Setting up the organizational structure
  • Setting up a project from scratch
  • Workflow refresher
  • Purpose-built user interface for constituent parts
  • Integration of workflow and project building blocks

Please note this course takes place over a four- or five-day period and is only offered in person.



Our instructors bring years of industry knowledge and experience to Cognition which they apply to their work with our customers. This means they know firsthand the complexities of compiling with ISO standards and FDA regulations and they understand the challenges that these may cause for our customers.

Ansgar Leining

Senior Solution Architect

Ansgar has been with Cognition for more than 15 years and enjoys working directly with customers to solve their problems. An essential part of Cognition’s team, Ansgar understands the needs of customers and the capabilities of our products forming a crucial link between our customers and internal stakeholders. He is the go-to source of Application Engineering knowledge about Cockpit Enterprise and Compass. He enjoys training customers to get the best out of Cockpit Enterprise and Compass. When not working you can find Ansgar exploring the countryside on his motorbike.

Bradley Sylvestre

Senior Application Engineer

Brad is an integral member of our Application Engineering Team supporting customers in implementing our solution into their product development process. Brad believes customers truly benefit from the ability to trace all aspects of their design process within Cockpit Enterprise and Compass. Brad enjoys working closely with customers because he gets to meet people from diverse roles across the medical device industry and understand their wants and needs from a software solution. When not at work, you can find Brad exploring great outdoors – hiking, fishing, backpacking, etc.

Patrick Maxwell

Application Engineer

Patrick is a vital member of Cognition’s Application Engineering Team. He enjoys being able to help customers get the most out of the Cockpit Enterprise and Compass products as well as working with the development team to provide solutions to the customer. In his free time, Patrick enjoys visiting baseball stadiums, reading presidential history tomes, and cooking with a cast iron pan.

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