Press Releases

Cognition Hosting Risk Management Webinar

July 18, 2017Read More

From the Helm Webinar Series from Cognition Corporation

June 16, 2017Read More

Late-Spring Training from Cognition

June 8, 2017Read More

Cockpit Version 9.0 is Officially Released

May 17, 2017Read More

Online Guided Compliance Webinar on Design Controls

May 8, 2017Read More

Validating the Cockpit Platform

May 1, 2017Read More

Cognition Launches New Cockpit Training

April 12, 2017Read More

The Cognition Cockpit Platform as Software-as-a-Service

February 2, 2017Read More

Design Controls Made Easy with Cognition’s Guided Approach to Compliance

January 12, 2017Read More

The Cockpit Crew is Hosting a Conference

January 9, 2017Read More

Fresh Views From the Cockpit Crew

December 22, 2016Read More

Cognition Corporation Sponsors Generis American Medical Device Summit, October 5-6, 2016

September 19, 2016Read More

Cognition Corporation to Host Live Webinar on 21 CFR 820.30: Design Controls

July 29, 2016Read More

Cognition Corporation and SEIntelligence Form New Partnership

April 12, 2016Read More

Cognition Corporation Releases Guided Template for PHA Compliance

April 8, 2016Read More