Process Meets Product

In the pharmaceutical industry, the process is the product. Everything that happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the process is equally important for ensuring a safe and effective product. The problem most companies face is organization and aggregation of large quantities of data. The Cockpit® Platform addresses this issue by functioning as a central repository to import and aggregate data into a single set that can be sent to manufacturing for final production.

How to Leverage the Cockpit Platform

Problems arise because organizations have a hard time managing the intersection of data, processes, and deliverables. All three areas of business must work together to produce a quality product; if one area fails, the whole system will fail. This intersection can be managed more easily with the Cockpit Platform.

  • Pharmaceutical Data Management with the Cockpit Platform


    All data used in the development process is collected from research and development, experiments, and lab data, otherwise known as batches. Cockpit’s REST API is designed to allow a user or team of users to select which data needs to be aggregated from those batches. Once all the work has been done, the output is an exportable document containing all the required information about the process and the drug being made.

  • Pharmaceutical Procedures with the Cockpit Platform


    Pharmaceutical and combination product developers and manufacturers live and breathe their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WIs). These procedures and instructions drive the work of everyone in the organization. The Cockpit Platform’s unified model and centralized database make it perfect for housing these SOPs and WIs. Built-in workflow functions and other mechanisms allow for companies to insert their procedures and processes directly into the platform, making compliance with their processes easy. If SOPs change, the platform is ready to accept the changes to facilitate necessary modifications to procedures.

  • Pharmaceutical Deliverables with the Cockpit Platform


    Once all the work is complete, batches aggregated, reviews and sign-offs done, it is time to create deliverables. Cockpit’s capabilities allow you to export your electronic deliverables to PDF, Word, Excel, or XML. These exported files can then be moved to storage in your company’s system of record.

Cockpit Platform Modules

Common Technical Document (CTD) Reporting is required for all BLA and IND submissions to FDA. Without a CTD process in place, your pharmaceutical or combination product’s time to market will be delayed.

Cockpit provides several optional base modules out-of-the-box to help your organization fulfill CTD Reporting requirements. These configurable modules provide a Dossier-centric approach to help streamline and focus your drug development activities.

Our base modules have three major focus areas:

Pharma Features in Cockpit

Flow of Pharmaceutical Data Through the Cockpit Platform

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