Manage your design controls from start to finish with total traceability

Design Controls Trace in the Cockpit Platform

The Cockpit Platform’s built-in mechanisms for allocating, linking, and tracing requirements—along with tools for generating master trace tables—helps teams see connections from User Needs and Design Inputs through to Validation and Verification testing.

Cockpit comes with out-of-box, compliance-ready templates for Design Controls and Risk Management. All templates are configurable based on your organization’s needs, and configuration training and management are available from Cognition’s engineers.

With Cockpit, you can empower your team’s path through product development, compliance, and commercialization.

Design Controls Waterfall

Comply with 21 CFR 820.30 easily using the Cockpit Platform:

  • Design and development planning
  • Design input
  • Design output
  • Design review
  • Design verification
  • Design validation
  • Design transfer
  • Design changes
  • Design History File

Design Control Activities

Design Control Activities

Cognition provides multiple templates to ensure regulatory compliance

Cognition's Guided Approach to Design Controls White Paper Download

Cognition's powerful guided approach to regulatory compliance is a combination of the base Cockpit Platform and a specialized set of templates created for specific standards. Cognition offers a template to complete the Design Controls exercises explained in 21 CFR 820.30. Download our white paper to learn more:

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Feel confident in your design process

Library IconAll of your development and quality assets can easily be traced, managed, and reported as part of your DHF.

File Download IconAlways be document-ready for surprise on-site audits, mock audits, or submissions.

Search IconControl your design data and simplify your process with regulatory guidance.

Test IconSupport comprehensive verification and validation testing with multiple forms of testing while minimizing duplication of work.

Requirement Flow IconComplete visibility is realized with both traceability reporting, as well as intuitive contextual trace views.

Pencil IconChange is inevitable, but how you respond and mitigate it is everything to an auditor.

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