A Keynote: Human Factors Engineering

2017 User Conference Keynote – Human Factors Engineering

Cognition believes that at any conference, a keynote enhances and drives home the themes that other speakers and workshops address. Cognition focuses on choosing keynote speakers whose talks

  • give insight into particular challenges within the medical device, pharmaceutical, and combination products industries;
  • highlight changes in the shifting regulatory environment; or
  • identify rising trends in product development.

This year, Cognition chose a speaker to discuss a dynamic consideration in product development: human factors engineering (HFE). It combines data about human capabilities and limitations plus behavioral science methods and applies them to product design, which results in user interfaces that are safe, easy to learn, and easy to use. Its importance in US device design has grown since the issuance of guidance by FDA in 2011, and is now required by FDA and international regulators for medical device approval.

About Ed Israelski

Headshot of Dr. Ed Israelski, Human Factors Engineering expertEd Israelski, PhD, CHFP—our keynote speaker—is a pioneer in the world of human factors engineering. His speech will focus on developing a deeper understanding of best practices as they apply to the design and evaluation of medical devices, as well as which human factors engineering /usability engineering methods are critical to getting device applications approved in the US and international markets. For organizations looking to improve their product design, this talk will enlighten and transform their understanding and capabilities.

Dr. Israelski has spent decades leading the charge in this field as a Certified Human Factors Professional. Now working as an independent consultant, he was most recently the director of human factors at AbbVie, a biopharmaceutical company. In his fifteen-year tenure at AbbVie, he led a cross-divisional team to embed best-practice human factors design methods into all of their products, ensuring safety and usability. Israelski is a fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, a member of APA and UXPA, and serves on the National Academy of Sciences Board for Human Systems Integration. We at Cognition are excited to have him join us and encourage all attendees to attend this talk.

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