Cognition for R&D and Systems Engineering Leaders

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R&D and Engineering leaders have some of the most exciting roles in delivering the innovation pipeline. At the same time, they face significant challenges related to balancing resources and portfolios of products, with pressure on time to market, while ensuring high quality. 

Cognition can help. Our design control solution—specifically created for medical device manufacturers—will fit seamlessly into your current processes while saving you time and resources.

What You’ll Experience

We provide both an out-of-the-box solution and highly configurable workflows, making it easy for your R&D and Engineering team to transition efficiently to Cognition. Key features and functions include: 

  • Built-in workflows for creating the risk management plan, design history file, PHA, use error analysis, FMEA, and product risk analysis
  • Configurable workspace specific to R&D and Engineering tasks
  • Document-centric views for easy reporting
  • Guided compliance templates for ISO 14971, ISO 13485, and 21CFR820.30
  • Change once, update everywhere capabilities 
  • Reusable data across projects
  • Embedded test methods, protocols, and reporting directly linked to requirements
  • Integrated requirements, risk, and test management
  • Automated trace matrices throughout design and development 
  • Seamless data imports/integrations with other systems 

Key Benefits

Enhance Efficiency and Collaboration

With integrated requirements, risk, and test management, you’ll save time and resources while enhancing collaboration across cross-functional teams.

Simplify Complex Processes

Easily build relevant connections between items, automatically create complex trace matrices, reduce manual updates, and more. 

Ensure Compliance

Tightly integrate risk with requirements and tests to enhance quality and ensure compliance and optimal risk management throughout all phases of design and development.

What R&D and Engineering Leaders Say

Featured Case Studies

Learn how our design control solution is helping other R&D and Engineering leaders maximize efficiencies, save resources, and enhance data integrity. 

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