Lighthouse Award Spotlight

LifeScan: Most Advanced User Team Outside the US

During Cognition’s 2017 User Conference, we presented the first annual Lighthouse Awards. A new feature of the conference, the awards were given to distinguished guests who have shown excellence in product development and compliance work while utilizing the Cockpit™ Platform. In the “Lighthouse Awards Spotlight” article series, we highlight the winners and their implementation of the Cockpit platform.

LifeScan and Cockpit

Recipient of the Lighthouse Award for Most Advanced User Team Outside the United States: Alastair Traquair of LifeScanFor over two decades, LifeScan, a division of Johnson and Johnson since 1986, has been committed to improving the quality of life for diabetes patients. Headquartered in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, they employ more than 3,000 people worldwide, with key locations in Puerto Rico and Inverness, Scotland. Their diabetes products impact the daily lives of over five million people in the US alone. The Cockpit platform has been enabling their organization to further develop these critical diabetes care products.

“We use Cockpit to manage requirements and traceability for product development of blood glucose monitors and insulin pumps,” says Alastair Traquair, Senior Manager for Product Development Processes at LifeScan.

LifeScan was initially attracted to Cockpit for its configuration abilities and the onboarding costs. Tailoring lifecycles, templates, and user-defined attributes within Cockpit, they have been working since 2015 to integrate Cockpit with their existing product development process.

Mr. Traquair and his team deploy Cockpit from their Scotland location. There, they employ advanced users to configure the platform to meet their needs. “We’ve introduced a full lifecycle and approval process,” says Mr. Traquair, “along with an in-house team to ensure validation of all our configurations.”

Becoming an Advanced User Team

In order to get this level of complexity built into their instance of Cockpit, LifeScan had to ensure they had enough advanced users trained to begin working on configurations. “We started training who our advanced users would be straight away,” says Mr. Traquair. “We wanted to build what we needed with a simple user interface and hide the lifecycle and approval processes behind the scenes so it wouldn’t impact other users.”

After almost four months after initial implementation—with what Mr. Traquair described as “hyper-support” through Cognition—LifeScan was able to get a full implementation of Cockpit in-line with their product development process. The work of their advanced users created an easy, process-tailored solution that incorporates the core functionality and robustness of Cockpit with the configurations needed to elevate their product development.

The Award

Because of the work they have done developing their team, LifeScan was presented with the Lighthouse Award for “Most Advanced User Team Outside the US” at this year’s Cognition User Conference. David Cronin, CEO of Cognition, remarks that “they’ve done quite a bit of work with Cockpit, and we wanted to recognize them for that. The team they’ve built to configure the platform to their needs is very impressive.”

On receiving the award, Mr. Traquair says he and his team were very proud. “It’s brilliant,” he says. “We didn’t think we’d done that much, but when you compare it to some other implementations, we’ve done a lot of complex work behind-the-scenes.” This, Mr. Traquair notes, would be impossible without their talented advanced user team.

Looking Forward

As LifeScan continues to develop their development process and advance their progress further, they are anticipating even more use of Cockpit. Mr. Traquair notes that among their plans for the upcoming year are goals to improve test case tracking and inclusion of product specifications and design outputs. Along the way, they will keep their advanced user team busy, adding onto the platform to better suit their needs.

“We always plan to gain feedback from our team as we develop new features and expand the scope of Cockpit,” says Mr. Traquair. “We hope, with their input, to further advance the system and develop better and more robust products to meet out patients needs.” Along the way, Cognition will be there to support their needs.

“They’re great friends of ours,” says Mr. Cronin, “and we’re excited to see where they take the Cockpit platform in the coming years.”

Congratulations LifeScan, from all of us here at Cognition!

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